The CIRC report

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“to conduct a wide ranging independent investigation into the causes of the pattern of doping that developed within cycling and allegations which implicate the UCI and other governing bodies and officials over ineffective investigation of such doping practices.” This was … Continued

The Vrijman Report

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The “Vrijman Report” was the UCI’s response to L’Équipe article detailing how Armstrong had tested positive for EPO several times in the 1999 Tour de France.  Publicly it was Emile Vrijman’s report but privately the report and press releases were … Continued

CIRC participants

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The CIRC spoke to 174 interviewees. Some of those interviews were less than half a day, some lasted three days or more over extended time periods and in different locations. each interview was conducted on a confidential basis. A couple … Continued

How to watch bike racing on the internet

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The season has started. No more training races, it is time for real races. Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (previously known as Omloop Het Volk) and Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne launched last weekend with exciting racing, unlike the snow that hit them last year. This opening weekend is … Continued

Perjury must never be profitable

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For a brief period it appeared Armstrong’s expressions of regret were legit. He settled with The Sunday Times and Settled with Acceptance Insurance for over $3,000,000  but when it came to SCA he fought hard. Crazy hard. Irrationally hard. He validated the … Continued

New season, old news

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Het Volk (aka Omloop Het Nieuwsblad) is less then 3 weeks away but with several key off the bike stories about to come to conclusions expect the cycling media to be filled with chaos as well as cobbles.  The first merde to … Continued


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Several years ago I organized a ride from San Francisco to Santa Barbara with a group of buddies. This ride is a rite of passage for most cyclist on the West Coast. Stunning views, great food, and a nice tailwind most … Continued


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Today Geert Leinders, former Team Rabobank and Team Sky doctor was banned for life for possessing, trafficking, and administered banned performance enhancing substances and methods. Leinders was originally informed a case was being brought against him on July 8th of 2013 … Continued

What’s Oil got to do with it?

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A couple weeks ago Oleg Tinkov gave an interview to Bloomberg news.  Oleg was his usual talkative self, addressing a number of topics, but primarily focused on the effect sanctions were having on the Russian economy. He made it clear that … Continued